24K 24K RC Technology 1/10 LBWK Works Porsche 997 Full Drift Body Set (Clear) w/Cosmetic Mods

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About the 24K 997

Clear Body

The Liberty Walk Works Porsche 997 exudes an aura of aggressive elegance, marrying the classic Porsche silhouette with contemporary styling cues. Its wide fender flares, signature of Liberty Walk, give the 997 a bold and muscular stance, while the meticulously crafted front splitter and rear diffuser add aerodynamic prowess. With every curve and line meticulously sculpted, this masterpiece commands attention on the road or at the track, epitomizing the fusion of performance and style. Whether carving corners or cruising the boulevard, the Liberty Walk Works Porsche 997 is a symbol of automotive passion and precision engineering.


Transform your 1/10 drift body into a showstopper with Liberty Walk body, renowned for their striking aesthetics and aggressive styling. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these kits boast wide fender flares, distinctive front splitters, and bold rear diffusers, adding an unmistakable presence to any car. With options available for various makes and models, Liberty Walk enables enthusiasts to customize their ride with unparalleled style and flair, embodying the spirit of automotive individuality and expression.

Optional Accessories

24K RC Technology did not stop with just a scale drift body. They created a complete lineup of optional body components (each sold separately). From wide body kits, exhaust tips, wings, emblems, and more, how will you choose to prepare your ride for the "Tail of the Dragon"?