Acuvance Acutron / Photonic Stabilizer

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We would like to present you our latest creation in terms of power modulation: the Acutron.

The Acutron is a device that rely on the photoelectric effect theory allowing static electricity to be drawn out of your entire system to create a smoother feel both on and off acceleration. Not only this device releases static electricity through your electric system, but also throughout your entire chasis, regardless of the type of battery, voltage, or vehicle application. It can be soldered directly to your negative battery lead and used in conjunction with our line of Chevalier capacitors for an even smoother experience. 

This product reduces energy loss by the friction of a motor and the transmission by using "the photoelectric effect" and has the charged removal effect of the electric circuit. This is an unprecedented tuning device.
Fits for all category of Electric R/C model.


*An initial throttle response improves.

*By the stabilization of the chassis, motor and drive train, in particular performance of the control at the accelerating and breaking improves.

*By stabilization of the power source output, mileage efficiency improves.

*This product fits any kind of battery, any voltage.

*This product is available semi-permanently.