Acuvance COA 5G / Electronic Balancer 60469 (OP-15034)

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Acuvance COA 5G / Electronic Balancer 60469 (OP-15034)

This product is a device designed specifically to improve the electronic equipment performances such as the ESC, battery and servo.

The device is lightweight (5g without wires) and has a cumulative effect when multiple units are used together. It is possible to use in conjunction with the Acutron and It can also be used as additional balancing weight.


The acceleration strength from mid-speed to high-speed is improved. Additionally, the dynamic throttle feeling becomes more direct allowing for a more precise driving.

The battery voltage is stabilized and voltage fluctuation while running are suppressed.

This device is compatible with all battery types.

In conjunction with the ACUTRON, chassis stability and fluency is remarkably improved due to a more sensible throttle input and control.

This product will be available semi-permanently.

Installation Procedure:

Connect Each wire to the ESC battery leads.   Red wire to positive, black wire to negative.

Please use a soldering iron with a wattage of at least 60W with high thermal recovery to perform soldering smoothly.


The circuit board of speed controller may be damaged by overheating if you apply heat for a long period of time on the terminal.

The cables of this device cannot be replaced.