Acuvance Fledge Fan Connector-RX OP-15090 Conversion Cable

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  • This cable converts the power connector of our FAN ( including FLEDGE- equipped FAN) such as REY-Storm to an RX connector and supplies power from the receiver.
    * This product is a part for users who use a combination of ESC made by other companies and FAN made by our company .
    * Our FAN exerts the maximum cooling effect by supplying power from the cooling FAN connection terminal of XARVIS / XARVIS XX .
    * Compared to the power supply from the cooling FAN dedicated terminal installed in XARVIS / XARVIS XX, the rotation speed of the FAN may be lower .
    The cable length of this product is 20 mm (excluding the connector) .
    When adjusting the length , please use the optional extension cable for FAN power supply .