Acuvance Photonic Stabilizer (Acutron)

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ACUTRON is the unprecedented tuned stabilizer which we developed [photoelectric effect theory] known as the physical field to.

【Main Features】

  • Improvement of the throttle response
  • Control performance gain by suppressing friction loss of a motor turn and the transmission part.
  • Stabilization of the power source output by the rectification between current and the charged removal function.
  • ACUTRON is the product which we specialized for motor drive cars powered by battery
  • Drift, On-road car, Off-road car,,,,
    It show the effect without being concerned with wireless unit or not, regardless of a category and vehicle size.
  • It is available regardless of a kind of the battery for the electric RC car.
  • Characteristic is different from Chevalier series (capacitor), then each effect is got by using it together.
  • The effect of this product lasts semi-permanently.
  • Because this product uses electricity and an electron flowing backward by all means of the battery please be connected to negative side.