Acuvance Trace Bector Competitive BEC Device

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This product is a brush-up of the first receiver device [Chevalier Trace] in the Chevalier series,

which is popular for its "large capacity," "low resistance," and "high efficiency."

Equipped with a newly designed circuit, the output characteristics and response speed have been improved.

In addition, the shape adopts a relay system equipped with both male and female connectors that enable flexible connection.

This allows for a variety of mounting (*) without using the RX port.

*Installation example : "Between ESC and receiver (recommended)", "Between gyro and servo", etc.

[Effects and features]

When this product is installed, the feeling of ground contact of the vehicle body will be enhanced,

the posture holding force during cornering, and the stability at the time of starting a corner will be improved,

so more aggressive throttle work will be possible.

The steering servo responds more torquefully and quickly to the gyro command.

It is more effective not only during normal driving but also during pursuit.