AGFRC V3 Gyro For Mini Drift

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AGFRC V3 Gyro for Mini RC Drift

The Gyro helps the driver keep their car in a stright line, Hold that perfect drift angle combining the high speeds with Gyro pre-loaded and a customized firmware for Drifting. This helps corrective steering adjustment for RC cars! Upgrade full aluminum case for better heat resistance and impact resistance. 

◆ CNC Aluminum Alloy for High Efficiency Cooling and Well-Protection
◆ Reliable and High-Performance Gyroscope Sensor
◆ Simple and Quick Installation
◆ High Voltage 2s Lipo Capable
◆ Super Light Weight and Compact Size
◆ Easy Adjustment With Dual Gain Mode
◆ Ideal for Mini Size RC Competition Drifting

◆ Item Name: GY04M V3
◆ Shell Material:AL6061
◆ Weight:4g
◆ Dimension:21*15*8.8mm
◆ Operating Voltage:3.7~8.4V
◆ Current Drain:20mA/6V
◆ Dual Gain Mode: Normal/ Sensitive Mode
◆ Operating temperature: -10℃+50℃
◆ Control System: PID Control System
◆ Output Signal: 1520uS(50Hz/333Hz) / Sanwa SSR
◆ Input Signal: PWM(50-333Hz) / Sanwa SHR/SSR / Futaba S.Bus