AV-1402 Vintage Drift Car Light Kit MyTrickRC

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AV-1402 Drift Car Kit
MyTrickRC’s Afterburner AV-1402 Vintage Car Kit offers tons of value for a low price, with a Vintage Twist. The AV-1402 Vintage Car Kit is a Deluxe Lighting System with Vintage Halogen Headlight LEDs and uses the SQ-1 Controller to it’s maximum potential. With MyTrickRC, you you can always count on quality lighting kits, that perform the way we claim it will. Well tested, and highly acclaimed by those in the Drift Community, the AV-1402 Vintage Car Kit offers Dual Halogen Headlights, Tail/Brake, Reverse, and Dual Backfire. With the AV-1402 Vintage Car Kit you also get auto-Hazard Lights! The AV-1402 Vintage Car Kit uses the SQ-1 Lighting Controller and is super simple to install. With just one cable to the Receiver, you get all the great functions and features of the SQ-1 Controller! Everything you need to install is


AV-1402 Vintage Car Kit Includes:
• 2pcs 5mm Dual Halogen (Warm White) Headlight LEDs
• 2pcs 5mm Dual RED Tail/Brake LEDs
• 1pcs 5mm Dual AMBER Running Light LEDs
• 1pcs 3mm Dual ORANGE Backfire LEDs
• SQ-1 Lighting Controller
• Power Cables to power off your car’s receiver
• Quick Disconnect Cable makes it easy to remove body
• Mounting Hardware