Yokomo BL-PRO4 Drift Spec

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Drift spec ESC equipped with a drift exclusive program for the BL series speed controller (ESC) which makes high function and ease of use compatible!

Set with Team Yokomo's Takahiro Kawakami drift specific tune. The default tune is set so that it can best match both 2WD and 4WD. First, the tune makes it easy to control the drift angle during cornering, set the throttle characteristics in the low speed range to mild, and boost the boost from the medium speed range to produce powerful turning and switchbacks. While maintaining ease of handling, it makes it possible for anyone to have powerful drift. In addition, the case of PRO4D is full aluminum with high cooling efficiency, and on both sides adopted exclusive design with laser engraving of drift spec.

■ Adjustable boost function by rotation speed or throttle position

■ Adjustable turbo function with turbo delay and turbo slope

■ Brake adjustment at the throttle position of Min, Med, Max

■ Soft, Hard, two kinds of brake function

■ ESC motor output terminal A - B - C can be changed to C - B - A

■ Forward, brake, neutral brake, frequency changeable after splitting

■ 1 cell 3.7 V correspondence (BL-PRO 4 · booster circuit built-in)

■ High Voltage servo compatible BEC output 7.4 V changeable

■ Brushless Sensed Motor Only

■ Aluminum Case ESC Supports 3.5T motor or higher ESC programming can be made easier with the BL-YB4 ESC Program Card or BL-WM Wi-Fi Module NOTE: Motor is not included Equipped with a cooling fan.