EZRUN 1/24 Mini28 Combo (Mini28 ESC + 1626 SD Motor)

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6500KVs in stock now!

Designed for high-power 1/24th 1/28th scale builders

    What's in the box? 
    • (1) EZRUN Mini28 ESC
    • (1) EZRUN 1626 Sensored Motor
    • (1) Supportive accessories (double side tape, etc)
      p/n  ESC Motor kv Lipo Rating
      38020366 Ezrun MINI28 Ezrun 1626SD 3500 2s
      38020367 Ezrun MINI28 Ezrun 1626SD 5000 2s
      38020368 Ezrun MINI28 Ezrun 1626SD 6500 2s
      • Improved top speed / Precision response / High efficiency with the cool operation
      • When used with the EzRun Mini28 ESC, timing advance can be used to increase top speeds drastically.
      • Zero cogging, consistent torque, and excellent low-speed response give an amazing feel and driveability
      • Modular detachable structure, convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance.

      EZRUN 1626 Sensored Brushless Motor 

      Model Ezrun 1626-3500KV Ezrun 1626-5000KV Ezrun 1626-6500KV
      PN 30402653 30402654 30402655
      Pole 2 2 2
      KV 3500KV 5000KV 6500KV
      No-load Current(A) 0.4A 0.5A 0.6A
      Input Voltage 2S 2S 2S
      Diameter/ Length(mm) 16 16 16
      Shaft Diameter/ Length (mm) 26 26 26
      Applications 1/28th Mini 1/28th Mini 1/28th Mini
      Weight 18g 18g 18g

         Programming devices (purchase separately):

      Manual download
       EZRUN 1626 Sensored Motor

       EZRUN Mini28 ESC