Acuvance Fledge w/ Fan

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●Equipped with the industry's first revolutionary system [A.V.S.] that realizes forced air cooling inside the motor.

Innovative structure that approaches direct cooling to the heat source by a dedicated FAN mounted on the end bell.
Air holes are located at various points inside the motor to maximize the air cooling effect.
It is very effective in reducing various negative factors due to heat generation of the motor, such as micro-misplacement of sensor signal, increase in coil resistance, and rotor damage.

Also, the dedicated FAN can be attached and detached according to the vehicle mounting space or driving environment.
In addition, our new brushless E.S.C. [XARVIS XX] has two dedicated FAN terminals.
Even when used in combination with the cooling fan for exclusive use of the XARVIS series [REY-Storm], the original air cooling performance is fully demonstrated.

●[Vibration / Reduce] structure with high heat dissipation plate

Focusing on the internal vibration that affects the rotation efficiency generated when the motor is driven, a high-rigidity special alloy plate is mounted on the top side inside the housing.A high quality design that makes use of a accurate and sharp body design by adding a porous structure proven in AGILE to a plate that boasts high heat dissipation characteristics.

●[Direct power terminal system]

The power plate that connects the motor connector and coil has been integrated. (Industry first).
Vibration reduction and power transmission performance has been dramatically improved.
Not only the connector installation process is omitted, but also the solder contacts that become electrical resistance are eliminated.

●Uses a neodymium magnet with the highest class heat resistance.

It uses a neodymium magnet with the highest heat resistance character.
This has greatly improved the heat resistance of the motor in combination with [A.V.S.] and the high heat dissipation plate.

●Reduction of motor weight

While attention is being focused on reducing the weight of the chassis, a 12g weight reduction has been achieved while achieving a vibration-proof structure.
(Compared with our AGILE, when End bell fan is not installed)
Even when FAN is installed, the weight has been reduced by 6g.

●Inherited the world's first [M.F.C.S.] used in AGILE as a RC motor

By changing only the magnetic force without changing the rotor diameter (volume and weight), it inherits the function [M.F.C.S] mounted on AGILE, which enables conversion to torque type and rotary type motors.
Even when replaced with an optional rotor, it achieves rotation and torque performance that is faithful to driver operation without compromising motor balance. (Optional rotors will be released at a later date.)
You can enjoy changes in output characteristics such as throttle feeling while taking advantage of the inherent performance of the motor.

●Compatible with XARVIS XX FLEDGE / AGILE exclusive programs

Compatible with the program "torque level / torque end mode" installed in ACUVANCE brushless E.S.C.
It is a program exclusively for this product and AGILE users who can change the motor torque level according to the road surface and the chassis condition.