MST RMX 3.0 KMW ARR Limited Edition Drift Car Kit (Black) #259/300

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The MST RMX 3.0 KMW ARR Limited Edition Drift Car Kit is the ultimate drift chassis. Featuring an updated design, this platform offers the latest technology, highest performance, and the highest standard in quality. The KMW is lightweight and strong, with a focus on delivering balanced control. Plus, the limited edition model includes all the upgrades available to create a chassis that looks as good as it performs.
Limited edition RMX 3.0 KMW
The unique frame design integrates all MR/RR electronic configurations. It allows the ability to tune the center of gravity using the RMX and RRX structure, providing the ability to change handling characteristics according to the drivers needs. The gearbox can easily switch the direction of rotation to achieve the driving direction of RMX and RRX to allow a variety of tuning options. 

NOTE: Completed model shown for illustrative purposes only. This is a pre-built chassis kit that requires some assembly. See needed to complete list below for a listing of items needed to complete the model.    

  • Lightweight 2.5mm carbon fiber deck
  • 6 settings for center of gravity and motor distribution position using RMX and RRX configuration
  • 3 different center of gravity settings for servo positions
  • 3 different center of gravity settings for battery installation positions
  • Aluminum integrated head mount combines the front head, upper suspension mount, and the front damper stay into one piece to reduce weight
  • Redesigned aluminum short adjustable front suspension arm mount -3.5 ~ -5.0
  • Redesigned aluminum long adjustable rear suspension arm mount +3.5 ~ +5.0
  • 3.5mm double-piece vertical upper carbon fiber deck
  • Redesigned aluminum upper deck connector
  • Lightweight carbon front bumper
  • Carbon quick-release battery holder
  • Aluminum hydraulic shock absorber with CNC machined piston
  • Aluminum 4-section adjustable steering arm system for Ackerman angle changes
  • Aluminum ATK knuckle set is adjustable for KPI angle 0/6 degrees
  • Front axle is adjustable 0 / 0.75 / 1.5 towing distance
  • The aluminum front upper/lower arm are corresponded to the front large steering
  • Aluminum 10-section adjustable upper suspension mount
  • The unique design of aluminum quick-adjusting front/rear shock mount
  • Improved rear spur-gear-driving gearbox
  • Aluminum ESC rear mount set
  • Aluminum high smooth ball bearing differentials
  • Aluminum MB rear suspension system provides multiple adjustment mechanisms to change roll force with center of gravity, to increase or decrease tail slip
  • Aluminum 8-stage adjustable servo arm
  • Aluminum realistic brake disc caliper set
  • Equipped with stealth magnetic body shell post set
Wheelbase: 257mm (adjustable +–3mm)
Hex to Hex Width: F179mm / R172mm
Drive Mode: RWD
Caster: adjustable 6 /8 /10 /12 degree
Camber: adjustable 0 to -12 degree 

Needed To Complete:

  • 2-Channel radio system
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • 540 Motor
  • Steering servo
  • 7.4V LiPo battery pack
  • Compatible battery charger
  • Drift car tires & Wheels
  • 200mm TC or Drift body
  • Polycarbonate paint for body