ReefsRC Triple7 14v

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WARNING: DO NOT USE OVER 14v. YOU WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Warnings: 8mm screw required for horn.  

The all new Triple7 14v Fully Programmable Servo by REEFS RC is built from the ground up using the newREEFS RC CNC Case and features full parameter controls via REEFS Software available free at Utilizing the REEFS USB Link (sold seperately) customers will have the ability to increase output power, adjust the servo angle, sensitivity, inversion and so much more with the click of a button. Lipo to Servo Connectors give you the ability to run your battery of choice, without relying on your ESC for power.  

REEFS LINK Required for programming. (See Store) 

Lipo-Servo Connector required. (See Store)

High Torque High Speed Brushless Servo


Magnetic Angle Sensor

Pulse Width Modulation Control

Fully Programmable w/ REEFS Software

REEFS LINK required for Programming 

Voltage 10V - 14V

Internal: Steel Gears / All CNC Aluminum Casing

Bearing Type: 3 Ball Bearings / Weight: 3.12oz

Dimension: 1.57 x .78 x 1.63 (LWH)

Torque: 666oz @11.1v/ 700oz @12.0v/ 777oz @14v

Speed: .10sec @11.1v/.09sec @12.0v/.08sec @14v

Spline: 25T / Dead Band Width: 2¦Ìs

Software download:

Warning: Do not leave servo plugged into battery when not operating RC. Always turn the RC car off first, then remote.