ReveD Aluminum Spring Retainer (6mm)

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Team RêveD has been testing and developing this new product on various road surfaces with awesome results!
We have a new spring seat that suppresses spring vibration and demonstrates suspension performance more directly with the adoption of a new designed “outer guide”!

The lineup is available in 4 types:  0mm, + 2mm and + 4mm + 6mm.
In addition to the 0mm type, which is the same height as the genuine YD-2 series down retainer, + 2mm type and + 4mm type and +6mm type are also available.
In particular, + 2mm and + 4mm and +6mm increase the spring position to positively induce chassis roll and improve side grip without compromising traction performance.

Thoroughly lightened design by lightening process not only improves suspension performance by reducing unsprung load, but also can be used as a dress-up item.
Please try the aluminum spring retainer that is perfect for the Rêve D spring series.