ReveD Brass Spacer 4mm for RD-005

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New setting parts, brass wheel spacers made for ASL front axle (RD-005) !

By Adding More Appropriate Amount Of Weight In Compare With The Standard Bundled Aluminum Spacer Of RD-005 , It Is Possible To Enter The Inside Line While Maintaining Stability On Slower Speed Tight Corners And Enhance The Ability On The Outside Line Of High Speed Corners.
It They will also help beginner to intermediate drivers as an option part to achieve additional stability when cornering.

The spacers both weigh 1.98g, the same weight in both 2mm and 4mm options (Aluminum versions are 2mm: 0.65g / 4mm: 1.0g), the weight was carefully chosen and optimal weight was found by the development team at Rêve D.

Please enjoy the best setting according to the course situation, Aluminum gives a sharper drive and brass more stability.