ReveD HG Drift Tire (4pcs/set) (DT-AS-014)

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REVE D HG Drift Tire (4pcs/set)

The first release of original drift tire [AS-01] from Rêve D

The material selected is a HDPE compound, which is ideal for the RC drift scene in longevity vs grip.
By applying a matte finish to the contact surface and similarlys, they perform with stable performance straight from the packet!
The Rêve D development team have repeated trial production and testing many times to find the balance between high control and performance!

Tested not only on P tile and colored concrete, but also on asphalt and carpet track surfaces.
We feel we have completed the best drift tire [AS-01]! When fitted to the rear, we have optimized control over the lateral grip during drifting to a higher limit and enabled the driver to challenge deeper and longer angles!

Please try and feel the difference of AS-01, the state of art new tire developed by Team Rêve D.

The work of the whole Rêve D development team! Please try the new drift tire [AS-01]!