ReveD MC-1 Conversion Kit (Red/Purple)

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The highly anticipated color versions of the MC-1 are finally ready for release!
The R.C.D.C champion machine of the all Japan cup in 2021, which the MC-1 dominated all
podium places, to celebrate we have released this limited version!
A high quality Red / purple anodizing process applied to each aluminum part while keeping the
enhanced properties of the original chassis, such as pitching / roll rigidity optimized for drift,
lightweight aluminum gear case with excellent maintainability and our special design motor plate
that can change the motor height without removing the spur gear unit.
Furthermore, in this MC-1, both types of upper deck are included so that it can be used with both
Slide rack and Bell crank steering systems.
With this color version, the MC-1 will be in final production and there are no plans to reproduce it.
Please take this opportunity to get the color version MC-1 which is completely limited edition!
※Please note that Red and Purple parts will not be sold separately, only avail as the kit.