ReveD MC-1 Chassis Conversion Kit (Black)

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RêveD main designer Hayato Matsuzaki along with the Rêve D development team and team drivers all worked together to bring the prototype car into reality.
It has taken roughly a year for us to complete the optimum specifications for the current drift scene!

2.5mm thick carbon material is used for the main chassis / upper deck / vertical deck to optimize pitching / roll rigidity.

The aluminum gear case, splits into 4 pieces which has succeeded in reducing weight to the utmost while maintaining rigidity, has a structure in which the
differential unit can be easily removed for outstanding maintainability and tuning!

The motor plate with the new structure allows you to select the motor height in 3 steps without removing the spur gear unit, making it easy to change the settings to suit your track.

MC-1 is available in two types according to the steering system (slide rack specification, bell crank specification)(all have the same configuration except for the upper deck).
Most of the RêveD parts released so far can be installed, so you can enjoy installing the parts you already have.

Please experience the [MC-1] developed with the goal of satisfying not only the best championship drivers who aim to reach the top of the world but also great for beginners to learn the art of drifting.

◆ RKD-MC1SR: MC-1(for Slide rack configuration YD-2) 
◆ RKD-MC1BC: MC-1(for Bell crank configuration YD-2) 
*MC-1 is a conversion kit. A YD-2 kit is essential for completion of the chassis.

[MC-1 development view]
* Please see the development view in below for the parts and part numbers included in the MC-1 kit.


This is a CONVERSION KIT ONLY.  A version of YOKOMO YD-2E/YD-2S is needed to complete a chassis.