ReveD Nissan 180SX Wisteria

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NISSAN 180SX WISTERIA driven by Hideyuki Fujino, one of the best drivers in the D1 GRAND PRIX! In order to reproduce the powerful aero dynamic design of the actual car in detail, it has been modeled in three parts body consisting of a front, rear and main cabin. Separate aero parts are manufactured by Addiction in Japan. The tail light section comes with very realistic design structure with 3D decals by WRAP-UP (for internal / external attachment), including both early year model and late year model type lenses. Please try the Reve D NISSAN 180SX WISTERIA body shell which has both racing aero dynamic design and smooth nose-in driving characteristics!


*The product supplied is an unpainted polycarbonate body. Painting and assembly are required before running.



■Length: 479.5mm

■Width: Front 198mm / Rear 196mm

■Height: 123mm

■Wheelbase: 258mm


<Product details>

Clear body shell (front bumper, split type rear bumper), aero parts, inner light parts, WRAP-UP 3D decal, masking sheet, instruction manual


<English manual>

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