ReveD PC Rear Spring "Hard" for RWD Drift

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REVE D PC Rear Spring Hard for RWD Drift (RD-010RH)

This is a dual progression rear spring, specialized for road surfaces with comparatively low grip such as P tiles and painted concrete!

We did a lot of research selecting the material, steel quenching temperature and quenching time with many results to compare. Giving us a lineup of three types of rear spring (Medium, Medium Hard, Hard) that can be selected according to the vehicle weight and road surface grip.
With the 2-way structure, the springs can be flipped up and down to instantly adjust to the circuit track conditions. (Please refer the following explanation for details)

<Main specifications of Hard spring>
■ Length (natural length): 32mm
■ Number of turns: 9.5
■ Shrink tube color ID : Red

◆PC リア スプリング マッチング表 / PC Rear spring matching table

<2WAY構造解説 / Introduction of 2WAY structure>
◆線間密着部 を上側にして使用した場合 / Contact lines UP

線間密着部を上側にして使用した場合、スプリングの重心が高くなり、サスペンションの沈み込みを誘発します。トラクションを高め、スロットル オン時の蹴り出しを強くします。
By raising the center of gravity of the spring, the droop of the suspension is induced and the kicking out feeling is stronger.



◆線間密着部 を下側にして使用した場合 / Contact lines Down

By lowering the center of gravity of the spring, excessive suspension movement is suppressed and stability is increased on low grip



◆識別用 熱収縮チューブ / Heat shrink tube for identification

スプリングの識別に便利な 熱収縮チューブを同梱しました。
A heat-shrinkable tube is bundled for easy identification of springs.
(* Medium: Black, Medium Hard: Yellow, Hard: Red)
Cut it to your desired length, attach it to the spring with reference to the image, warm it with a drier in order to fix it (※ Please be careful of burns when using a drier on high heat)

◆アルミ製 スプリング リテーナー 0mm がオススメ! / Aluminum Spring Retainer 0mm is the superset

スプリング長が32mmの PCリアスプリングには 取付高さ0mmの アルミ製 スプリング リテーナー(RD-007-0 ¥980)がオススメです。
For PC rear springs with a spring length of 32 mm, we recommend the aluminum spring retainer (RD-007-0 ¥980) with a mounting height of 0 mm. It is possible to suppress the mounting play with the outer guide part and maximize the original performance of the spring.