ReveD R-Tune PC Rear Spring (All Set) RD-016AS

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Introducing the new R-tune PC rear spring!

This multi-winding type PC rear spring that specializes in relatively low-grip road surfaces such as P tiles and colored


Now introducing the new PC rear spring which uses the amazing "SWO" material that has been proven in the R-tune series! By adopting a new SWO material and making it easier to induce initial subduction even at higher spring rates gives a strong kicking feeling and control performance are realized at a high level.

We will continue to use the 2-way structure that is popular in the PC rear spring series. By flipping the top and bottom of the spring, you can instantly adjust it according to the road surface conditions and driving skills. There are 3 types in the line-up (Medium, Medium hard, hard). We have also prepared a full set that stores all three types in a dedicated BOX.

Please try the R-tune PC rear spring that can be selected according to the vehicle weight and road grip!