ReveD RDX EZ Type Wheel Hub 5.0mm(D1-011R50)

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REVE D RDX EZ Type Wheel Hub 5.0mm(D1-011R50)

It is an aluminum EZ type wheel hub that can be attached to the RDX Φ6.0mm rear axle!
Compared to the resin rear hub that comes standard with the kit, the use of aluminum improves the accuracy, and by combining it with the Φ6.0mm axle used in the RDX, it effectively suppresses core shake and enables smooth rotation. It will come true.
In addition, by holding down the pin that secures the hub with an O-ring, the vibration of the pin is reduced and the rotation is stabilized.
The lineup is available in two types, 5.0mm and 7.0mm (kit standard resin wheel hub is 5.5mm).
We also have aluminum wheel spacers that can be used for maintenance set and tread fine adjustment.
Please try the EZ type wheel hub to further evolve the running of RDX.