Scale Reflex 7PX / 7PXR Gorilla Guard Silicone Case Skin Protector

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Specially designed to be used on 7PXR, can be used on 7PX(as seen as photos) as well.

Available in: BLACK, BLUE, RED, PURPLE, GREY, and TEAL

*Limited Edition Colors: PINK, ORANGE (only a small batch of these are available, once they’re gone, we will never have them again)

Protect your radio! Setting it down no longer means scratching it up!

Your radio is a pricey investment, so protect it! Also create a unique style while protecting your radio. Features Super-G embossed on the sides of the upper piece. Also embossed on the bottom case.

1 x Top Protector (For the top portion of your remote)
1 x Bottom Protector (for the bottom/battery portion of your remote)

Comes as a set.