Shibata (R31S052) DR competition diaphragm medium (blue) 4 pieces

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The DR competition diaphragm is finally here from the "⚡SHIBATA⚡DR" brand ! The diaphragm has been carefully selected for its characteristics and materials

through repeated test runs, and has adopted a new hardness that matches the recent RWD drift scene and spring characteristics. In addition to the original damper oil ``SHIBATA DR damper oil,'' he was also particular about its oil resistance, which does not swell even with silicone oil. Compatible with both aluminum damper cylinders such as GRK Global Standard resin damper cylinder GRK4/GRK5/shock upgrade kit. This product comes in a pack of 4 medium (blue) pieces. (R31S052) DR Competition Diaphragm Medium (Blue) 4 pieces Original damper oil "SHIBATA DR damper oil" of course We also paid particular attention to oil resistance so that it does not expand even with silicone oil. GRK global standard resin damper cylinder GRK4/ GRK5/shock upgrade kit, etc. Aluminum damper cylinder It does both.