Shibata (R31S323) Inset rear aluminum knuckle set (various colors)

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[R31S315] Inset rear aluminum knuckle with adjustable geometry H arm system is now available as a set! Input from the arm is achieved

by making the axis of rotation (axle axis) of the tire act on the inside. It is possible to increase the response of installation pressure.

Not only can it be used with the optional [R31S322] Adjustable Geometry Lower Arm Set, but it can also be installed on the GRKGS2EVO standard resin H arm.       

〇Product contents
- Inset aluminum knuckle body (2 pieces)
- [R31M138] 1050 x 3mm bearing (2 pieces)
- [R31M103] 1510 bearing (2 pieces)
- [R31S005] King pin adjustment collar M2.6 x 0.5mm aluminum Spacer (4 pieces)
・[R31W435] Universal shaft 48mm (2 pieces)
・[R31W310] GRK3AWD Cross Spider 2mm (2 pieces)
・[R31W311] GRK3 AWD Cross Spider Pin 2x10mm (2 pieces)
・[R31W309] GRK3 Front axle (2 pieces)