Shibata Super wide adjustable suspension block (various colors) (R31S325)

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Introducing a super wide adjustable suspension block that has been significantly widened by 10mm on one side (total 20mm) from the GRK low height adjustable suspension block (R31S303) installed as standard on GRK5.

Compatible with combination with super wide reversible suspension mount (R31S324) sold separately.

Furthermore, by changing the thickness of the spacer, it is possible to change the toe-in angle with the suspension pin.

As a new element, an M3 screw hole for installing a pillow ball has been added to the side suspension block, which allows the A-arm knuckle to be installed backwards and forwards.

By changing the combination of spacer and pillow ball, it supports a wide range of detailed toe control settings that are impossible with conventional toe control plates, which are limited to three mounting positions.

This product is exclusively for RR (rear side) of all GRKs. (*)
*Limited to vehicles equipped with carbon chassis.
(Although it is possible to install this product on a resin chassis, other suspension mount attachment points
will interfere with the ribs of the chassis, so the suspension mount that corresponds to the combination cannot be installed.)