SkyRC Digital Bluetooth 1/10 Camber Gauge

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This is the SkyRC Digital Bluetooth Camber Gauge. Using the SkyRC Digital Bluetooth Camber Gauge gives you a highly reliable and precision tool that provides camber and toe measurements accurate up to 0.2 degrees. Using Bluetooth 5.0 enables a faster and more stable connection while the app instantly displays real-time data straight to your mobile device. Not only does this allow you to make accurate camber measurements but also incorporates Toe adjustments as well. Giving your vehicle an accurate Toe and Camber measurement can make a noticeable difference at the track along with keeping your vehicle consistent when making other tuning adjustments.

Constructed using high-hardness aluminum that has been accurately CNC machined makes this gauge a stable, reliable and dust-proof tool that can stand up to years of use. With an internal battery giving you plenty of runtime you can easily make it through a race day without having to worry. That being said there is a convenient USB Type-C charging port making charging easier than ever. With this innovative tool in your pit bag vehicle setup has just become easier than ever!