Tetsujin TT-7537 Rim Type-01 Bronze Barrels

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TT-7537  RIM-01



RIM-01(Bronze ) X2

*These are a bit darker than pictured*

Only the disk by which this items are the inside.

For 1/10 radio control by which world 1 is widely used

2 piece wheel.



The last SUPER RIM?

A wheel from the future.


2 kinds of rim design

10 kinds of disk design

More than 15 kinds of color variation

More than 180 kinds of variation of goods


◉ The roundness is best in the world by the highly precise make.

◉ The offset can be changed to 3 kinds.

◉ A rim can combine the favorite color with a disk.

◉ It's possible to paint and enjoy each.

◉ The best in the world stiffness.

◉ The world patent has been acquired.

◉ A chrome uses real metal.

◉ The color variation is also best in the world.

◉ The material adopts shock-resisting grade ABS.