Tetsujin TT-7704 Lexus RC-F Body

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TT-7704 Lexus RC-F

Clear polycarbonate body

[Caution: 1] Suitable for 1/10 size radio control, but wheelbase There is a difference of about 15 mm in the tread for each chassis manufacturer. After fitting with your chassis before painting Please mask, paint and cut out. The cut line on the body is for reference only.

[Caution: 2] The body is a molded product. Oil etc. remains on the surface. Be sure to perform sufficient degreasing work before all processes.

[Caution: 3] If you fail to cut out the attached parts etc. You will have to buy the body again. Please check the alignment carefully before cutting out.

[Caution: 4] The product photo is a completed reference photo and is attached. Wheels, tires, door mirrors, wings, light kits, etc. All will be purchased separately.