Work Meister S1 Wheel, 26mm-6mm Offset, Chrome

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Work Meister S1 Wheel, 26mm-6mm OffSet, Chrome


Get wide and wild with the officially licenced Work Meister line of wheels from HPI! Available in 3mm, 6mm and massive 9mm offsets, these are the perfect way to widen the stance of any car to fit 200mm wide bodyshells and HPI's Vintage line of bodyshells with 210mm rear width.

HPI's S1 wheel design is an officially licensed replica of the Work Meister S1 design, one of the lightest and strongest wheels available. Work wheels are extensively used by various motorsports teams in GT300, GT500, Formula 3, and the N1 endurance racing series. They are used on everything ranging from million dollar McLaren F1 race cars to Spoon Sports Honda Civics. Constant testing and motorsports feedback allows Work to develop super strong race proven wheels that are at home on the street or at the race track. Moulded from durable high-impact nylon and chrome plated, these lightweight wheels are tough enough for racing and stylish enough to win a concours trophy.

*** This item is discontinued ***