Acuvance Xarvis

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●Optimized circuit design to achieve an ESC with flat and direct performance output,

as well as reduction of energy performance loss leading to reduction in motor performance.
Since electronic components, such as ESC, are subject to a very special high load environment, we thoroughly refined the electronic circuit to optimize the balance between output and efficiency.
Besides strengthening the vibration resistance, we have further improved the drive feeling and low heat generation of the ESC and motor.
The flat, smooth, and direct performance are easy to handle for beginners as well as advanced users and demonstrates its potential in all categories.

●Stylish aluminum body based on thoroughly calculated heat dissipation design

By adopting an aluminum body, we are now able to absorb heat generated by the components and dissipate it quickly. We carefully designed our case to cover the maximum surface area for optimal heat dissipation, while keeping a unique look with a bright machined design that will attract the eye at first glance.

●3D-Bridge structure that maximizes the effect of our dedicated high-performance FAN (sold separately)

On the top of the case you will find the radiant motif “X” which stands for our product name (XARVIS) which guides the air flow to all four corners of the unit.
Since the accumulation of hot air bodies is inevitable, we have constructed a 3D-Bridge structure that guarantees a flow path and realizes high heat dissipation.
When using a dedicated FAN (sold separately), higher cooling performance can be achieved.

●Settings adjustable via TAO II ・ Compatible with memory

By using the TAO II, each setting value range is greatly expanded.
Drivability dramatically improves.
Also, since communication with TAO II uses the LINK terminal installed in front of XARVIS,
There is no need to remove the RX cable from the receiver as before.
For wireless communication between XARVIS and TAO II, an Air Link Adapter (Airlink Adapter / OP-15065) is required separately.

●Integrated switch and set button into the ESC body

Minimize wiring and make mounting on the chassis easier and tidy.

●Black color is adopted for all cables

We unified each cable to the popular black color.

●Non boost, non turbo state can be seen with LED (Often referred to as “Blinky” in stock spec races)

When the boost turbo is not used, the LED flashes,
This ensure compliance with regulations of events that restrict the use of these functions.