Yokomo Adjustable Kingpin Angle ST Block

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YOKOMO SP FRONT STEERING BLOCK (Y2-415SA) It is a variable kingpin angle steering block which incorporates more variations in the steering characteristics of YD-2. The base and upper arm of the steering block are split and the kingpin angle is changed according to the amount of the spacer used, taking advantage of the characteristics of the A arm suspension and making the camber change similar to an actual car at the time of steering. Generally in the case of drift driving, the tire on the outside changes to positive camber and the inside tire changes negative. By utilizing this camber change, contact patch and pressure can be optimized for grip and response. Made of aluminum with a beveled finish, resulting in improved precision and weight. Front trace differences will be realized. Front trace can also be changed to desired preference by adding separate weights. Product Description: Steering Block base Left and right × 1 Steering block adapter × 2 Steering block spacer 0.5 mm × 2 Steering block spacer 1.0 mm × 2 BH screw 3 × 10 mm × 4