Yokomo BL-PRO4 Brushless ESC Speed Controller (bl-pro4nb)

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The Yokomo BL-PRO4 Brushless ESC Speed Controller features a variety of improvements and features to provide racers with the latest tech. Boost can now be adjusted based on motor RPM and throttle position. Turbo delay, throttle curve and brake frequency are also adjustable, allowing the ESC to be tuned to suit your personal driving style. 

A machined aluminum case improves cooling efficiency, and a larger cooling fan with aluminum fan guard are included as standard equipment to further improve heat dissipation. A large capacitor is included to help protect against voltage spikes and increase internal capacitor lifespan, and a three foot length of wire is included allowing adequate length to suit a variety of chassis setups.

This ESC requires the YOKBL-WM Wi-Fi module, or BL-YBP4 Programmer to adjust settings, and datalogging is a planned future update. 

  • Brushless sensor type dedicated controller
  • Programmable with YOKBL-WM Wi-Fi module or BL-YBP4 Programmer
  • Boost and turbo function installed
  • Power feeling changeable
  • Advance, auto brake, brake frequency change function installed
  • Detailed brake adjustment function installed
  • Li-po 1-cell battery for running (3.7 V) compatible
  • Full aluminum case
  • ABS function
  • Reverse rotation function
  • Motor connection position change function
NOTE: BL-YBP/YBP2/YBP3 programmer is not compatible. BL-YBP4 programmer is required for BL-PRO4/RS4/SP4 models.