Yokomo BL-R100D Speed Controller R100 DRIFT SPEC (BL-R100D)

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*Does not come with ESC/Motor wiring or sensor cable*

A special version of the R160 / R100 speed controller, which is explosively popular due to its smooth throttle feeling, equipped with a original program dedicated to drifting “DRIFT SPEC” will be added.
Many users have already installed the conventional R series in drift cars, and especially in RWD drift cars, it seems that the ease of handling in the low speed range and torqueful punching power are brought out by changing the program, but in the DRIFT SPEC released this time In addition to optimizing the throttle feeling for drift driving, the delay time when shifting from braking to reverse by throttle operation has also been reviewed, making it even easier to use for drift driving.

Of course, if you use with the dedicated programmer R26P, you can freely change the feeling. It is possible to bring out the optimum characteristics according to the driving conditions and the driver’s preference.