Yokomo Competition Drift Spring FULL SET (Progressive/Linear) (D-185)

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A new special spring for drifting that combines machine response and driving stability is now available! Uncoated
springs that maximize the characteristics of the steel material. The progressive type, which changes the winding pitch
from the middle of the spring, maintains the ride height in the rough part of the spring and brings out the softness of
traction in the multiple-wound part, and creates a smooth sliding effect when used in the rear, and a mild steering
response when used in the front. When used on the front, it gives a milder steering response. In addition, the rebound
stroke can be used flexibly for roll movements and road surface irregularities, allowing the driver to drive with a one-rank
higher ground feel. Basically, the overall length is set at 26.5mm, but only Φ1.3mm is set at 28mm in length to make it
easier to maintain the ride height.
Linear-wound Φ1.5mm springs are especially suitable for the front, and can enhance steering response. Even when the
steering gyro response is increased when turning a corner, etc., the response is so appealing that the driver can feel the