Yokomo High Traction Gearbox Spacer (2.0mm) for YD2SXIII

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“Teams high traction gearbox spacer”, which has been created from idea of Team YOKOMO DRIFT. This is a spacer set that can increase rear traction by raising the gearbox height of YD-2SXIII. The main plate is made of 2mm thick steel and weighs about 17-8g, and Yokomo engraving would be an accent. Furthermore, it is a combination of aluminum plate mounted on the front side of the gearbox and aluminum shim mounted on front side of upper deck. The parts contents are matched to SXIII, but it can also be used for E series and R series chassis by adding spacers. Of course, more increase on weight , more increase on the feeling of ground contact. But higher differential position will increase the angle of the universal shaft, and the force on tip of the universal axle presses the tire toward the road surface when rotating will increase, resulting with more traction.