Yokomo Master Drift MD 1.0 Chassis Kit

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Completely new design! Master Drift MD 1.0

Master Drift
MD 1.0
Assemble kit

Advanced and innovative, here is a drift car that combines the best of what Yokomo has to offer! The new RWD drift car "MD
1.0", which carries the title of "Master Drift", is a high-end machine that incorporates the functions and structure required for drift
driving. From the drivetrain to the suspension, the MD 1.0 has been designed to meet the demands of drift experts.
Graphite suspension arms, the first ever used in a drift car, symbolize the MD 1.0's racing machine concept, and the suspended
suspension system offers significant advantages for drift cars. Despite its simple shape, the suspension alignment allows for
greater freedom in setting up the car's width, skid angle, and roll center.
The drivetrain is a high-precision design held in place by an aluminum bulkhead. The kit comes standard with a positive-torque
3-gear transmission, but by adding a counter gear and reconfiguring it, a 4-gear anti-torque version can be used, allowing the
traction balance to be set according to the driving style.
Despite its slim and simple appearance, the MD 1.0 is a true racing drift machine with a wide range of options, from chassis
rigidity balance to design, making it the ultimate product designed for the most discerning drifting experts.
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■ RWD gear drive drift car
■ 2.4mm lightweight graphite chassis
■ Vertical-mount graphite upper deck
■ Graphite suspension arms
■ Aluminum rear bulk for both 3 /4 gears
■ Differential height adjustment (3 levels)
■ New ultra-lightweight slide rack steering
■ Graphite rear ESC mount
■ Adjustable motor position (13 levels)
■ Front and rear aluminum shock towers
■ Big bore aluminum low friction shocks
■ Lightweight graphite battery holder
■ Aluminum rod end adapter
■ Aluminum steering stopper

Front upper and lower suspension arms can be
changed for caster and arm length by changing
the pivot position. Arm height can also be finely
set by shim adjustment.
The chassis in the image is a prototype. Actual product will have some aluminum parts chamfered.

Rear bulkhead is made of aluminum. 3- and 4-gear
transmissions can be selected by adding and
changing counter gears.

The differential can be easily accessed by
removing the rear bottom cap. Height can be
adjusted by changing the differential holder.

Suspended suspension arms allow for a wider
range of roll center settings, and ESC mounts
have been added to bring the weight closer to the
rear axle.