Yokomo Speed Controller (BL-SP4)

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■ Adjustable boost function by rotation speed or throttle position

■ Adjustable turbo function with turbo delay and turbo slope

■ Brake adjustment at the throttle position of Min, Med, Max

■ Soft, Hard, two kinds of brake function

■ ESC motor output terminal A - B - C can be changed to C - B - A

■ Forward, brake, neutral brake, frequency changeable after splitting

■ 1 cell 3.7 V correspondence (BL-PRO 4 · booster circuit built-in)

■ High Voltage servo compatible BEC output 7.4 V changeable

■ Brushless Sensed Motor Only Supports 8.5T motor or higher ESC programming can be made easier with the BL-YB4 ESC Program Card