Yokomo YD-2 Aluminum 3 Piece Rear Hub Carrier Set

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The Yokomo YD-2 Aluminum 3 Piece Rear Hub Carrier Set is an optional upgrade for your YD-2 drift car. This kit offers upgraded aluminum parts like rear hubs and camber link mounts with high quality steel universal joint axles. The updated geometry of this system moves the axle pivot joint outward and lines it up with the suspension pivot point. This creates a smoother suspension action along with more efficient power application. With a wide range of adjustments and high quality parts this aluminum three piece rear hub carrier set is the perfect upgrade for the Yokomo YD-2. 

  • (2) Aluminum rear hubs 
  • (2) Aluminum camber link mounts
  • (2) Aluminum rear hub inserts
  • (2) Steel universal axles
  • (4) Plastic axle inserts
  • Rear hub bearings
  • Assembly hardware