Yokomo YD-2S Rear Toe Control System (Y2-RTC) (Active Toe)

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A new rear toe control system is now available that will dramatically improve the running performance of the YD-2S series!

By installing a kingpin shaft on the rear hub carrier and connecting a linkage for toe control,it is possible to change the toe angle in response to suspension operation.
Aluminum lower caster blocks, aluminum hub carriers, and graphite arm plates are used for light weight and high rigidity.
The damper is also mounted on the front side of the suspension arm, which reduces the weight of the rear overhang and gives it a racing look.

For example, if the suspension is set to Bump-in which changes to Toe-in when the suspension is compressed, the car will have smooth turning performance at the entrance of the
corner, but when the throttle is pressed at the exit of the corner, the car will accelerate with more rear grip.

When the car is set to Bump-out, the rear grip is increased to facilitate acceleration, and when the car is set to bump-out, the car swings out dynamically from a stable straight to create a drift with a long distance.

Also, the toe angle can be easily adjusted without steps, which greatly expands the range of settings.