Yokomo YG-302V2 Version 2 Drift Steering Gyro

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This is the Yokomo YG-302V2 Steering Gyro for Drift Cars. The YG-302V2 is a steering gyro with optimum characteristics for RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) drift applications. The classic steering gyro from Yokomo has been upgraded to version 2. Response has been improved and driving stability has been enhanced! This gyro is compatible with 2 and 3 channel transmitter/receivers. With a 2-channel system, adjustments are achieved on the gyro. With a 3 channel transmitter, the adjustment function can be achieved through the propo function, without touching the gyro body.

While realizing the steering reaction, which is essential for RWD drift, it prevents hunting due to hypersensitive reaction and enables real drift driving. The top drivers of RC drift are also acclaimed! The internal circuit is the same as the RPG-302 gyro which gained the world’s greatest attention by monopolizing the 1/2/3 position in the RC drift world championship, and by making only the outer case made of resin, high-performance but reasonable price. Package includes

NOTE: In the case of a 2-channel connection, it is normal for the gyro's red LED to blink slowly